Sign the Petition


America is roaring back to life; our economy is booming and growing, unemployment is down – including the lowest levels ever recorded for black Americans, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed individual rights and freedom of speech, Americans are finally happy with the direction of the country for the first time in a long time, and more!

But right now there are forces and groups organizing to bring all this greatness to a screeching stop. There are conspiracy theorists and open borders supporters, anti-free speech activists and Antifa fanatics who throw rocks and assault innocent people in the streets, leaders in Congress that call for the abuse and harassment of fellow Americans because they disagree and sickos that leave decapitated animals on the doorsteps of Homeland Security employees; these are angry, hate-filled people who are still trying to overthrow the legitimate results of the 2016 elections. 

Understand this: the people who don’t like America are organized and motivated by their anger, and will be voting. 

Will you vote too?

Below are just some of the people, ideas, and institutions that make America the most amazing country in the world, and if we want them to succeed, we must all vote for the people who LOVE this country and will stand up for the following and more:

  • Law Enforcement – Including local police, ICE, and Homeland Security. We are not a nation if our borders are not secured, and if our streets are unsafe. We appreciate and support the dangerous work that American law enforcement does from coast to coast and border to border.
  • A Secure Border – America will not exist if we are not allowed to protect our borders and control our immigration system. Every single country is allowed this, except for America. The 2016 election was won in part because of this issue. It’s time to build a wall and enforce all of our immigration laws 100%.
  • Our Military – Our veterans and current members of the military deserve better. They deserve better care, more respect, more support, and an American government led by people who appreciate them and will not use them as fodder in budget debates.
  • A Constitutional Supreme Court – Every American’s freedom depends on a Supreme Court that follows the Constitution and the laws as written rather than a court filled with activist judges that rule based on their own personal preferences, who try to re-write laws from the bench.
  • More Tax Reform – The tax reform that passed earlier this year was an incredible step toward freeing all Americans from a tax code meant to control us and use our hard-earned wages to implement ideas that are bad for America. We need more reforms that keep corrupt, power-seeking people away from our money.
  • A Balanced Budget – Americans are sick and tired of politicians refusing to cut spending and stick to a budget. We absolutely do not want to pass any more debt on to our kids and grandkids. 

By signing this pledge, I am committing to VOTE for the people who LOVE America and get others to VOTE too.

The future does not belong to hate, or conspiracy theories, or lies, or fake news, or open borders, or intolerance.

The future belongs to the ideals found in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Stand with Tea Party Patriots and VOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE AMERICA!